jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

Otra de lo mismo

Forwarded from the Seventeenth-Century Music list: from Dr Benjamin A. Narvey
Dear Colleagues,

I recently received the sad and very extraordinary news that one of the world's major collections of historic musical instruments, that of the Victoria & Albert Museum (London) is to permanently close on 22 February 2010. It seems inconceivable that the V&A, one of the world's most celebrated and foremost museums, has taken this decision, one that will consign the collection to various other museums and effectively split it up, perhaps forever.

I had a meeting with a contact at the museum last week, and it seems the directorate does not wish to invest in the collection which is sorely in need, and has decided instead to turn the space into a pop fashion display. While it is thought that this may bring in greater numbers to the V&A, the decision is a real loss to the international music community.

In my discussions, it seemed the best way forward was to get in touch with my colleague Guy Dammann who, amongst many other things, is involved in media and could thereby give very public voice to the discontent felt about the V&A directorate's decision. His article has been published in tonight's Evening Standard, and can be accessed below:


It seems that the decision to close the collection is sadly irreversible, but perhaps this article (and others like it) may plant the seed in the mind of the new museum directorate (expected by 2012).

Fingers crossed.

Best wishes,

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