viernes, 6 de junio de 2008

El ladrón sin Bagdad

"Los choris no descansan", avisa en Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto Agustín Almodóvar a Chus Lampreave. Aquí va un E-mail que me acaba de llegar cual regio ejemplo.

Good day sir.
This letter is from Mr. Koichi Miyagawa from Osaka, Japan. Please pay attention to this offer as you shall find the business content interesting though unusual. This offer holds confirmable facts and proof but should be treated with urgency and seriousness. Late Mr. Myeong-nam Jung and I registered a joint corperation in Abuhdhabi - United Arab Emirate called oriental supplies for the sake of sourcing and executing oil deals in arab region. In March 1998, we secured a supply deal from Abuh Dhabi National Oil company to supply oil drilling equipments. The deal was executed but on another expedition to negotiate another oil deal we ran into an unprescidented accident which tool the life of my friend and got me paralyzed.
Before I proceed, my attorney shall send you the following verifyable information by email:
1. A full color copy of my photo
2. A full color copy of my son's photo
3. A full color copy of my international passport
4. A full color copy of Mr Myeong-nam Jung photo (My Late partner)
5. A full color copy of Mr Myeong-nam Jung international passport
6. Complete details of the contract executed with Abuhdhabi National oil
7. company complete details of the transaction with the offshore bank
where funds are held An investment agreement between you I
8. A confidentiality agreement also between you I
9. Further details of what we require from you and how to go about it.
10. The most recent bank statement forwareded to you from the bank corperate website.
After tax deductions, We were paid the sum of $-47.900.000-. We collectively agreed to secure this funds offshore in a fixed deposit investment account for a period of 10 years. We contracted a banker who registered the account for us in the name of our joint corperation whereby I am his next-of-kin and also he is my next-of-kin.We deposited the sum of $-47.900.000 into that account. On the 16-Nov-2004 as we were about to negotiate deals with Iraq national oil company (INOC)and Iraq oil ministry (IOM) , Mr Myeong-nam Jung and I were both involved in a Paint can explotion in Irbil; Iraq and he passed away and I got paralized, unable to work or do anything for myself, I am still under intensive care in a hospital, going through several surgeries.
The offshore investment account matured as at March 2008 and efforts need to be made to claim the funds and since my partner is dead and I am paralyzed unable to work or do anything I am inviting you to act as my new next-of-kin.
This is an authentic deal without any flaws in it, it holds facts and confirmable evidence as you shall see but I request confidentiality, urgency and seriousness. Do not contact me, do not reply this email rather contact my attorney for further information at ATTN: Godswill Dube, E-mail: For information regarding Late Mr. Myeong-nam Jung please visit the website
Scroll down and you shall find him on the listing.
This transaction is an extremely urgent one and must be treated so.
Awaiting your reply.

Thanks for reading my email
Mr. Koichi Miyagawa

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  1. Una buena colección de timos como éste se puede encontrar

  2. Pues éste sí que me ha llegado de Bagdad.

    Baghdad Iraq.
    Date: June/09/ 2008

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Rahman Al-Khayyam, I am director in the project and planning department of the Iraq Ministry of Oil, I head a seven man Tenders Board Committee in charge of contract award and Payment approvals. The reason for contacting you is to seek your co-operation in the transfer of funds into a foreign account. Since the year 2004 my committee awarded series of contracts in the oil industry that were executed by Halliburton and other local, regional and international companies. Some of the contracts are listed below:
    1. The expansion of Pipeline network crude oil and downstream products distribution and subsequent evacuate
    2. Supply, install and maintain Explosion Proof Push Button Stations
    3. The construction of Storage Tanks for Petroleum Products
    The original value of these contracts was inflated to Forty-Five million Dollars; which has recently been approved and now ready to be paid out. However the companies that actually executed the aforementioned contract have been fully paid and the projects officially commissioned. Consequently, my colleagues and I are willing to transfer the total amount into your account for subsequent disbursement. In return, we have agreed amongst ourselves to offer you 15% of the subject amount, 5% shall be set aside for expenses. Our share shall be reserved in your country until we are able to come to your country to claim it. Your honesty is paramount in the successful completion of this project. Modalities have been worked out at the highest levels of government to ensure the speedy transfer of this fund within 10 business days.
    Please understand that due to the current war / unstable polity in my country and the attendant difficulties/ dangers in being a public servant in Iraq today; for obvious reasons, I and my family are prepared to leave Iraq immediately upon completion of this project.

    Best Regards,

    Rahman Al-Khayyam


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